We can customize this Virtual Rock Star Bingo to fit any theme. 
We all need to stay connected and have fun. Let us show you how its done. 

This is a classic game taken to the next level. Each player receives bingo cards in their email prior to the game starting. We set up a video room for everyone to join. This allows everyone to see each other and interact. This is where the fun begins.

Marvelless Mark is your Rock Star Bingo caller. Trust us when we say he is the man to get you and your team involved in this fun and fast passed game.

In Rock Star Bingo, you will hear a clip of music from any genre. Your goal is to guess the song and mark it off on your card if you have it. Once you complete a bingo on your card you have a Digital Bingo Button to click. Everyone has a blast playing this modern music version of a classic old game.

Looking for more options? Availability? Customization? We can help, contact us today!