Remote Photo Mosaic are done remotely.
We can then do a digital version or create a printed version and mail it mounted to you.

Our unique twist with Remote Photo Mosaic is just what the doctor ordered.  Your "virtual" team members, attendees or clients can just hashtag these images to a specific tag.  From there our software will do the rest.  We will have a screen sharing the images flying in to create this unique Mosaic from a far.  These animations will keep your attendees engaged as you switch back to it from time to time.  Our online Mosaic software can handle unlimited images that are shared unlike the traditional Photo Mosaic program.  Once the session is over, we will then share the final image.  We will then compile ALL the images shared and create a true final Mosiac using ALL of the images shared and will send out a high resolution version for you to share with everyone.  This can be blown up on their computers so they see where they "Fit In The Bigger Picture".


If you would like a printed large format version for your office we can assist with this as well. Call our team to discuss options!