Virtual Escape Rooms are great for groups up to 10 in size.
These are online streamed rooms.

How It Works:

In this version of Virtual Escape Room, we have a camera set up in a escape room. Your team will then work together remotely to solve the puzzles and get 'out' of the room. All of our rooms are a four wall square and they create an interactive point and click adventure. So when you look at something that you need to read or look at closer it pops up on the screen allowing you and your team to work together to escape the virtual room.


Effective Team building

Teams must work together to meet a common goal. Communication is key so everyone knows the current challenge and can offer ideas.


Easily Assess Team Members

See who is a natural leader and which employees work well together. Find out who thinks outside the box and may have some great ideas for your company.


Customize Time

While each rooms full experience gives participants up to 1 hour to complete the room, rooms can be adjusted to fit your event schedule. We can set up the room for any time frame taking 15 to 60 min.

Looking for more options? Availability? Customization? We can help, contact us today!